The Enzo Suite Motoring Racing Miscellaneous

Not all of Burrows work involves race cars. Ever the artist, Burrows' mind will wander on occasion, and so too, does his topic matter. From baseball greats to waterfalls to flowers, Burrows unique style is evident, no matter what the subject.

Burrows was invited to show some of his automotive art at Camden Yard as part of an exhibition celebrating the culture of the city, and was so well received that he was asked to create new pieces for the gallery, capturing some of the all time baseball greats, works that are still on display at the famed ballpark.

Baltimore has indeed reacted warmly to Burrows and his work, landing him a permanent presence at city council meetings. He was approached by a group of Baltimore residents who had worked with the city council to remove billboards from the city and they commissioned Burrows to do a piece to show their appreciation for the council's efforts.

"It was a great opportunity to do something completely different to highlight something that I think makes this city so special," said Burrows. "I did a scene of a fly-fisherman at Jones Falls, and the city council went ahead and put it right in the conference room where they met."

Burrows still considers himself a student of his craft, and can to this day still find satisfaction in still-lifes, staring down flowers and capturing the image on canvas, continuing to hone his craft and infuse his style into ‘typical' topic matter.

With his imagination never satisfied, it's not surprising that the topics don't just vary, but so too does the format. From smaller prints to full size floor coverings, Burrows brings the same unique sense of style and visual language to every piece of work he creates.