The Enzo Suite Motoring Racing Miscellaneous

Commissioned Art

Every piece of art Burrows creates is naturally different, and it comes as no surprise that there is a special story behind the creation of each one. After many years of reacting to and anticipating the desires of his customers, Burrows has established a process he feels comfortable with, and his clients are happy about.

Working out of a historic carriage house in Baltimore and sharing space with his Austin Healy 3000, Citroen Charleston, and his race car, a Morgan 4/4, Burrows will work with the customer to decide on the topic for the painting and then agree on what the format is going to be.

"I really enjoy having variety not only in the topic matter, but also in the format of the piece," says Burrows. "It gives me a lot of flexibility with how I can approach each project. In working on developing a concept with a customer, I will try to get a feel not only for what they want to see in the painting, but, where it will be shown. All these factors go into deciding the look, size and feel of the final artwork."

After agreeing on a deadline with the customer, Burrows will get to work on the first phase, creating a color sketch of what the piece will look like. The sketch is the first opportunity to see the result of two visions combined--that of Burrows, and the customer. This gives both the artist and the customer the opportunity to make changes if warranted while giving the customer the feel for what the finished product will look like.

Once the customer is happy with the sketch, Burrows gets to work on the actual piece, which generally takes about four to six weeks to complete. Burrows keeps several pieces moving forward at a time, something that he feels brings the best out of him and produces the best results.