The Enzo Suite Motoring Racing Miscellaneous

To many, motorsports is the purest form of automobilia. With his background as a vintage racer, and a lifelong passion for racing, it is no surprise that Burrows is naturally attracted to racing as a subject matter for his art.

When asked what the best race he has ever seen was, "Any one that I see from behind the wheel of my Morgan," comes the quick reply. "I enjoy doing work about things that actually happened on the race track, particularly if there is a story behind it."

Burrows was once inspired to create a painting by a story on the track, as he was passed by a fellow competitor at Summit Point raceway, and was so struck by the moment visually that he had to get it on canvas.

Some of Burrows most celebrated work materialized when he was asked to do a suite celebrating the life of Enzo Ferrari. This series gave him the opportunity to tell a fascinating story, capturing on canvas seminal moments in Ferrari's illustrious racing history by establishing historical scenes in the life of the man behind the marque.

The racing community has long recognized his talents, and his artwork has been included in such private collections as the Peterson Automotive Museum, the Wine Country Motorsports Gallery in Sonoma, California, BMW of North America, Brumos Porsche, and the personal collection of famed racer Brian Redman.